Shikoku Island Map

Shikoku Island consists of 4 prefectures (Ehime, Kochi, Tokushima, Kagawa) and is connected to Honshu Island across the Seto Inland Sea by the Shimanami Sea Route, which attracts cyclists, the Seto-Ohashi Bridge, and the bridges and road via Awaji Island.
The main historic sites are (1) Ritsurin Park as a representative of Shikoku, (2) four castles whose castle towers still exist,
Marugame Castle, Matsuyama Castle, Uwajima Castle, and Kochi Castle, and (3) The Shikoku Henro (Pilgrimage), seeking authentic Japan, many foreigners enjoy walking through 88 sacred sites along 1400 km pilgrimage routes. Shikoku is full of charm with its mix of nature, sacred sites, and the samurai who rode through the Warring States period.

Historic Sites

Shikoku Henro (Pilgrimage)

Ritsurin Park

Matsuyama Castle