Gateway to/from the continent

Kyushu Map

Kyushu is a region consists of six prefectures: Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Miyazaki, and Kagoshima. As the gateway to the Korean Peninsula and the Asian continent, Kyushu has a rich history dating back to the Jomon Period. Many shrines related to the myth of the birth of the nation can be found throughout the region, including Miyazaki Jingu, Munakata Taisha, and Kirishima Jingu shrines. Kyushu has been an important port town, hosting Sui and Tang dynasty envoys, as well as facilitating trade with China and other Asian countries. It was also in Hakata that Mogol invasions were twice repelled. In 1543, Portuguese sailors introduced guns to Tanegashima island, leading to expanding trade with southern Europeans. Japan mainly imported silk and exported high-quality silver. Nagasaki was a hub for foreign trade and the arrival of Christian missionaries from Portugal and Spain, resulting in the construction of many churches.


Usa Jingu Shrine

Usa Jingu Shrine Main Hall_宇佐神宮本殿

Usa Jingu, the head shrine of the approximately 460,000 Hachimangu shrines, became the national deity and the god of warlords. Why is this?

Historic Sites

Glover Garden

Glover House in Nagasaki_長崎グラバー邸

Glover made a successful transition from a weapon merchant at the end of the Edo period to a coal and brewery businessman in the Meiji Period.

Nagasaki Nanban Trade

Nagasaki blomed Nanban Trade with Portugal and Spain in 16C. It brought Christianity and the Guns. How did the Samurai utilize them?

Oura Church