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Tsushima Tenno Festival, July 22-23
The Tsushima Festival is a ritual festival called "Goryoe" that is held to repose the spirits of the deceased. In the evening, several boats are set out on the river, each decorated with 365 lanterns arranged in a semicircle. The following morning, boats carrying Noh puppets row to the river while music is played. This festival has been held for over 600 years.

Textile Thanksgiving - Ichinomiya Tanabata Festival, July.25 – 27
Ichinomiya Tanabata Festival is held at Masumida Shrine, which enshrines Hoakari-no-Mikoto, the founder of the Owari province. His mother's deity has been known as the deity of textiles since ancient times. Thanks to her blessing, Ichinomiya City has flourished in the textile industry. Colorful Tanabata decorations along the street toward the shrine welcome visitors.

The Museum of Kyoto,
Matsunoo Taisha / Guidian Shrine of Western Kyoto, Apr.27 - Jun. 23
The first exhibition of sacred treasures of Matsunoo Taisha Shrine, where Japan's Best Sake Brewing Deity resides. 90% of the exhibits are on display for the first time including ancient writing by Oda Nobunaga and Minamoto Yoritomo. >> Read More
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