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Have you ever gathered a wide variety of information about Japan's historical sites and then visited many shrines, temples, and gardens, only to find that they all seem similar? For example, when you visit any shrine, you will notice the vermilion buildings of shrines and cloisters, but each has its unique architectural style. With so many kinds of deities in Japan, it can be challenging for travelers to understand their significance in Japan’s history. Similarly, many castles, some of which are designated as World Heritage sites or national treasures, were built mainly during the Warring States Period by famous warlords strategically to prepare for battles. Wouldn't you like to climb the stone steps to the castle tower while learning about the way of life of the warlords who played a significant role in that era? The same is true for the dry landscape garden. Understanding the thoughts and intentions of the person who built them can also be challenging, even though the pattern of the sand and the arrangement of the stones vary in each garden.

By exploring Japan's rich history from a more intellectual perspective, such as understanding why shrines, temples, castles, and other landmarks exist and what kind of life dramas took place there, your trip can be even more rewarding. This website is designed to help first-time visitors explore Japan's historical sites and gain a deeper understanding of the numerous great historical figures who played important roles in shaping the country over time. By focusing on the lives of these figures, you can enrich your travel experience with a new perspective. From ancient temples, shrines, and castles to lively festivals and customs, these historical sites and traditions offer a unique insight into Japan's history, dating back to ancient times, and can make your trip to Japan more enjoyable and memorable.

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This website offers a unique approach to exploring historic sites and traditions across Japan by sharing captivating stories that focus on the historical figures who have played crucial roles in shaping these places. Each story is interconnected through internal links, forming a continuous flow of Japan's rich history and cultural heritage. You can easily navigate through the site by following the links to the stories that interest you, or by searching for fascinating 'destination' or 'category' on the "top page". In addition, you can discover historical sites and figures from dedicated pages such as "historical sites" and "historical figures". We are also planning to introduce a new page called "Timeline" that will allow you to explore Japan's history chronologically.